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Project Description

Identifying Opportunity for Company Acquisition



A Venture Capital firm was doing their due diligence on three acquisition targets within the eCommerce space with national distribution throughout the US.

The questions our team was brought on to examine were: 1) Which of the three sites had the highest growth potential? 2.) Which website possessed the highest barriers to entry and what was the value of that barrier? 3.) Given a specific amount of investment from the VC, create profitability and market share projections within 3 years. 4.) Conduct a comprehensive industry analysis including trends and upstart competitors?

  • Site Audit

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • Scenario Planning

  • Digital Strategy


Once we started digging into the data, analyzing the industry and auditing each site, we were able to uncover clear and actionable recommendations for which company to acquire. Additionally, we designed a digital strategy and implementation roadmap to ensure the transition team was able to easily implement to ensure the forecasts were met.

  • Industry Analysis & Site Audit

  • Digital Strategy

  • Implementation Roadmap

Industry Analysis
Site Audit
Site Audit
Marketing Strategy


The thorough analysis led to a smooth acquisition of the company owning the second largest market share. They were able to negotiate the price due to their understanding of the digital assets they were purchasing.

Additionally, the team saved substantially on the sale price because they didn’t target the market leader and within 6-months, using the implementation roadmap the team built, were able to overtake the market leader.

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