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Combining science and art to ensure your brand ranks at the top of search engines for topical keywords your customers are using.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved significantly since the early days of the internet. SEO involves experimenting and implementing complex strategies to ensure your organization can capitalize on internet searchers by being present when customers need a solution to their questions. Customers are searching for answers, are your products and services available to help them find a solution?

To help manage this complexity and drive organic growth through search engine optimization, we build a customized strategy that combines data-driven analysis of your customers, the industry, the competitive landscape and your short and long-term goals. Additionally, our broad experience and creativity eliminate any uncertainty as we help clients reach their goals.

What we do

Bergner Consulting Group combines proven techniques with deep experience to help clients create grow their brands through unique search engine optimization strategies. We can provide a comprehensive SEO consulting option where we partner with you to accomplish your goals or provide assistance in any of the following areas:

  • SEO strategy development. We help companies evaluate their current strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities to connect with their customers, and help define a roadmap for success. We focus on creating a superior position versus the competition and defining a defensible strategy around your most profitable segments, as well as focusing on developing strategies to grow your business by better meeting customer needs.
  • Implementation guidelines. After defining the strategy, our team of implementation experts can provide guidance throughout the implementation process. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and ensure the strategy is executed to perfection.
  • SEO website audit. To better understand your current status, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your site and evaluate hundreds of data points to ensure all of the key factors to drive your site to the top of the rankings are working in harmony. This thorough diagnostic is one of the most critical factors in understanding why your site is performing the way that it is.
  • Software recommendations for tracking and analysis. Developing sustained search engine optimization capabilities includes finding a platform that helps you understand, track, and analyze performance in real-time. We work with you to evaluate the options in the market, understand your needs, provide recommendations, and guidance for setting up a long-term system.
  • Competitive analysis. We understand that industry dynamics vary greatly and can appreciate the competitive structure in place. To provide the most insightful strategy, it is critical to understand what opportunities are present, the resources required to rank for specific keywords and the timeline for achieving success. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of the top competitors (by rank) in your industry and the results they are realizing.
  • Keyword research and analysis. We help clients identify keywords, build user profiles around topical keyword clusters, and prioritize keywords based on opportunity and resources. This analysis is deep, comprehensive, and strategic based on industry factors, on-page priorities, and company objectives.
  • Link building, citations & link auditing. We understand one of the critical components of helping clients rank consistently is building credible links, understanding their link profiles (as well as their competitors), and improving citations on key websites. We define a plan, give strategic recommendations to grow your link acquisition strategies, and provide guidance to measure the impact of this effort.
  • Redesign road mapping. Are you redesigning a new website, or launching a new business? Considering the consequences of SEO and creating a roadmap for maintaining your current rankings or building with search in mind is critical. Our team will guide you through this process to ensure your goals are met.
  • Growth SEO and content expansion. Has your organic traffic growth stalled? Our team will analyze the data and define a plan to grow through improving current content, molding internal link equity, identifying new keyword opportunities, and building a new and sustainable stream of searchers.
  • Local optimization and reputation management. We help you maintain consistency across the web, get indexed in all key directories, and establish a plan to build your reputation on key industry sites. We offer an exclusive reputation management software solution to accelerate this initiative.
  • Content marketing & editorial calendar themes. Creating content that web users endorse via social media is a valuable aspect of any SEO campaign. Our team will analyze the opportunities and guide your writers and content creates on key topics that users are likely to engage.

Examples of our work

  • For a Consumer Packaged Goods company, we developed the customer insights and segmentation needed to reposition brands.
  • We worked with a leading online publisher to strengthen their rankings for industry-leading keyword phrases by molding their link equity on their site.
  • We helped a law firm restructure their site to create a more search-friendly taxonomy.
  • For a CPG company, we developed a comprehensive eCommerce strategy including a thorough site audit, competitive analysis, and on-page optimization implementation.
  • Conducted a technical audit of a large eCommerce platform and rebuilt their strategy to earn a market-leading share of search traffic in their industry
  • Advised an online publishing company through a global expansion including optimization best-practices in local international markets
  • Led an insurance company through a website redesign to ensure we maintained current rankings and built a foundation for aggressive keyword expansion

Featured SMB Solutions


Small business owners are an integral part of every local economy. SEO can have a dramatic impact on any local business. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide that any novice can use for getting started with Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Audit

Do you want to truly understand why your website is performing the way that it is? We’ll conduct a website audit and provide you with a report documenting key areas of opportunity and problem areas to fix.

SEO Advisory Service

Do you need help with SEO but don’t have the resources to invest in a large scale initiative? We offer SMB Advisory services to guide SMB owners and marketing managers as they execute their SEO strategies. This service includes phone and email support at various levels.

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