Creative SEO Strategy

A global publisher contacted us to discuss how they could reinvent their search strategies to overcome stagnant traffic growth, increasing competition, and slowing sales.

The global publisher had a major challenge: how can we overcome slowing sales, declining market share, and more expensive acquisition costs. The data showed that organic traffic had slowed due to increased competition and they needed a fresh strategy to reverse the trend and reclaim market-leadership.

THE STRATEGY: Satisfy the End-User, Reduce Content, and Refocus on High-Converting Keywords

To ensure that we didn’t get swallowed up by the sheer volume of content, we focused on the key objective — get more traffic that converted to sales. 

To start, we narrowed the scope to three primary goals:

  • Identify the keywords that drive Revenue Growth, assess the current performance, and determine how long would it take for us to rank.
  • Audit the site and prioritize pages and label – keep, repurpose, refocus.
  • Define an estimated timeline and required investment strategy

The Results

After an exhaustive evaluation of the industry, their current site, and narrow in on the keywords driving results, we were able to build a clear roadmap inclusive of technical site changes, define a new scorecard that included competitive and industry benchmarks, and audit and repurpose.